Exomi Messaging Gateway

The Exomi Messaging Gateway (EMG) is a carrier-grade messaging platform for integrating your network elements and business requirements into a single environment for service deployment and management. 

The EMG is a natural point in the messaging infrastructure for controlling access, quality of service and charging for value-added services and interconnectivity. 

The data collected by the EMG can be analyzed to gain powerful insight into the messaging business and help in planning future offerings. 

Every network has its special cases, unique message flows and needs for customization - Exomi includes powerful rules & scripting functionality in all our products to adapt quickly and cost effectively to your requirements. 

The EMG provides fast time-to-market for new value-added service offerings, providing several easy-to-use APIs for service providers (HTTP, JAVA/C++, SMPP, and UCP). EMG also enables the seamless integration of new platforms, such as location servers, into the VAS value chain. With EMG, the VAS integration time can be reduced to days instead of weeks.

Integration is available with all carrier systems needed for the deployment of value-added services. EMG also offers advanced billing features and supports numerous prepaid and post-paid billing systems.