Traditional direct marketing fails to grasp consumer’s attention. Everyone is “shouting into the dark” using all imaginable outbound marketing media; TV, Internet, print media; only causing the consumers to shut their ears. Therefore, marketing should turn into an inbound activity, i.e. true dialogue. Most of us buy, if we feel being heard and cared for.

So, how to get into close contact with large number of customers – economically?

Email marketing is not working effectively anymore. Actually, quite often it has negative impact and considered as a spam. Virtually everyone has got a mobile phone in their pocket today – available for personalized contact. And thanks to social media, most users also have a mobile phone which supports internet. Respectively, operators are providing 3G networks with a fixed monthly usage fee.  Let’s exploit that opportunity.

The secret to success is in frequent but cost-efficient customer dialogue; designed at the web, directed according to the existing CRM data and executed using text messages, which reach everyone.

Exomi’s wireless dialogue solutions are built to:

  • increase sales revenues with cost-efficient and targeted campaigns
  • reduce churn by increasing customers’ loyalty and keeping the brand in mind
  • measure customer satisfaction and react promptly

Surveying customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty and increasing the sales should be strategic functions for any company. Thus, a mobile operator is in an ideal position to both

  1. benefit from Mobile Dialogue services within its own operations; and
  2. offer these type of services to its clientele; strengthening the bond between the operator and its customer companies.

For more information we have included some uses cases and a whitepaper below