Smart applications for public safety

In the environment where traditional closed mission critical services are moving towards a more open and business critical climate, new ways of controlling the various players using the services are needed

In this new climate the Exomi comprehensive solution portfolio for rollout, delivery and enhanced security of value-added services are proven to offer faster implementation, increased usage of services, reduced fraud and cutting cost and complexity of the technical environment.


Smart Messaging for TETRA

  • SDS Store & Forward to ensure secure delivery of messages
  • Interoperability with other networks to enable communication with communities outside of TETRA
  • Intelligent rating and billing to enable various business models with MVNO’s and M2M applications
  • Content provider access through HTTP based API’s enabling interaction with databases
  • WAP Gateway
  • Message delivery priorities assuring high QoS

Smart Messaging application for LTE

  • Developed to offer the Public Safety actors a secure and controlled messaging application
  • Reflecting the pre-defined groups in TETRA
  • App available from centralized source controlled by operator
  • Offers a familiar way to share media between members in pre-defined groups and dispatching
  • Text, pictures, video, sound
  • Based on standardized technology and interfaces
  • Interoperability with TETRA