The 3G Sunset: Challenges for Voice and SMS

A critical transition we are witnessing globally is the gradual sunset of 3G networks by telecom operators, which is impacting customers using older mobile devices! While the 3G sunset brings numerous benefits, it also presents challenges for both operators and their subscribers, particularly in the realm of both voice and SMS services. The 3G Sunset: […]

Cómo extender servicios de voz a cualquier teléfono móvil y red de datos

Voz sobre Datos es una tecnología que permite a los usuarios realizar llamadas de voz utilizando cualquier red de datos, incluyendo Wi-Fi. Esta opción ofrece múltiples beneficios: mayor cobertura , especialmente en áreas interiores o rurales con cobertura limitada, con una inversión mínima; ahorros en los costos de roaming; y una mayor satisfacción del cliente. […]

Mobile Operators: Extend voice services to any device and data network

Voice Over Any Data is a mobile technology that allows users to make voice calls using any data network, including Wi-Fi, particularly in indoor or areas with limited coverage. This option brings multiple benefits such as increased coverage with minimal investment, roaming cost savings and increased customer satisfaction. Read more here!