Mobile World Congress 2020

After evaluating the health-risks and witnessing the increasing number of major participants declaring they will not participate at the Mobile World Congress 2020, the event has been cancelled.  We have decided not to travel to Barcelona but still looking forward to connecting with you.

Feel free to RESCHEDULE YOUR MEETING here, or visit our website for information on our products.

Do you as a telco want to increase your falling roaming revenues for voice by 200%, 300% or even 400%?

Do you know the market value of B2C communication and marketing done over mobile channels?

Why not add this to your profit instead of letting Whatsapp(Facebook), Google and aggregators pocket all the revenue for traffic passing through your network?

Exomi is a trusted partner of major operator groups for over 20 years. Our solution portfolio covers Rich Communication Services (RCS) with Business Messaging, Voice-over-Data, SMS and MobileConnect.



  • Rich Communication Services (RCS)
    • Full RCS core platform for on-premise deployment or hosting. See Product page
  • RCS Business Messaging
    • RCS Business messaging servers and Chatbot API Gateway for allowing brands to effectively engage with customers via RCS. Turn your investment into a revenue generator. See Product Page
  • Voice over ANY Data:
    • WiFi, 3G, LTE? We support all bearers. WiFi calling is a great way to increase coverage in rural regions or indoors and for MVNOs it can reduce operating costs  significantly. See Product page
  • Mobile Identity:
    • Identify users and introduce secure carrier billing. Enable support for Mobile Connect in your network and orchestrate multiple identification mechanisms in a single place. See Product page

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